jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Millionaire Incomes on Hydrocarbon Taxes

The state-owned petrol company of Bolivia (YPFB) confirmed today that until last September state revenues amounted to 1,052 million dollars in royalty payments and direct taxes on hydrocarbons (IDH).

According to Carlos Villegas, YPFB director, that money is the result of the nationalization of the sector in 2006.

Villegas said that through the appropriate bodies those incomes will be used for the benefit of the population.

In the first 10 months of the current year YPFB company paid 670 million dollars in IDH.

He said that in royalty payments YPFB deposited almost 382 million dollars in the accounts of the General Treasury of the Nation, the producing departments and the regions of Beni and Pando.

The increase in tax revenues from the hydrocarbons sector are driven by increased demand for natural gas from Argentina and Brazil in the winter period.

The largest amount of departmental allocation of royalties came from the oil department of Tarija (south), with 160.7 million dollars.

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  1. w0w.. all that money. Makes you think doesn't it. would it be better spent on building up society, or helping 3rd world countries?

  2. Wow. Big oil is really raking it in. It looks so weird seeing those dollar signs next to near third world countries that can't even afford to feed their populations. I think its said that people are living in poverty in these countries, yet the elite are literally rolling in cash.

  3. holly sh*t... some people have money ha?


  4. Must be nice to have all that money....

  5. its all rich whitey...lets see how he pulls